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Goals are great. Results are better. Why not both? 

See how Educative Enterprise gets new hires production-ready faster and retains star engineers with hands-on, personalized learning.

Monitor individual and team progress

The Onboarding dashboard provides real-time progress updates and insights.

  • Receive notifications and quickly resolve hand-raisers from blocked new hires
  • Track multiple team members onboarded and new hire progress
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Onboarding plan library

Gives engineering leads the flexibility to build robust new onboarding and upskilling plans.

  • Assign existing plans to new team members
  • Reuse and personalize custom courses and projects

Foster a culture of continuous learning

Upskill your team and promote continuous learning with the most up-to-date and in-demand courses, offered in a pragmatic, asynchronous, and interactive way.

  • Deliver hands-on learning opportunities
  • Provide relevant professional development with engineer-focused courses
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The complete onboarding toolkit to build your engineering team

Join the 1M+ developers and engineering teams already growing with Educative.

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