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Why Teach at Educative?


Interactivity means better learning outcomes

Educative's unique platform lets you bring your lessons to life with interactive code that runs right in the lesson, saving learners set-up time and increasing their learning.


The magic of text

All our courses are text-based, because developers prefer to learn that way. And that means no fiddling with cameras, no expensive studio equipment, no video editing skills to master… it’s just you, your keyboard, and your ideas.


Focus on teaching, not marketing

From the moment you hand it off, your course will be launched to the rapidly growing community of more than 750,000 developers on our platform. Educative’s in-house marketing team will make your course shine, with newsletters, advertising, social media, and more.


Get support when you need it

Our dedicated Author Success team is available to work with you every step of the way. Need help brainstorming? Want early feedback on your lessons? Troubleshooting a custom environment? A full technical and editorial review? We’ve got you covered.

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Join our Community of Authors

samia khalid

"A rich yet very easy to use platform, a wonderful team and a true opportunity to make a difference by sharing my skills - couldn't have asked for better!"
Samia Khalid
Senior AI Engineer at Microsoft


"Their platform has allowed me to help a broader audience of learners. I look forward to working with them again in the future!"
Vincent Russo
Security Software Developer

Circle Profile

"Thank you, Educative! I'm proud of the quality of my course, full of detailed illustrations and interactive quizzes to help users solidify their learning."
Dmitry Vostokov
Principle Cloud Security Engineer, Oracle



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to get started! What are my next steps?

Just complete the Educative Author Form and an Author Representative will reach out to you. You’ll let us know what you want to teach, and we’ll support you in getting started.  

I have published a book that would make an awesome course, but just don't have the time right now. What can I do?

No problem. We can take something you’ve already written and handle the entire course creation process for you through our Managed By Educative (MBE) Program. Please complete the Educative Author Form to get started.

What makes a successful author at Educative?

Educative Authors are experts in their technical subject matter and want to share their knowledge with others. In addition, Educative Authors write well and clearly most have experience teaching others. Using the powerful interactive tools in the Educative platform, our Authors create organized and engaging courses that deliver successful learning outcomes.

I think I have some ideas, but don't know where to start. Can you help?

Sure thing! Our team would be glad to help you think through possibilities. We’re always interested in courses on the following topics: Cybersecurity, cloud computing, cloud cert, APIs, front end, and back end, as well as others. After you complete the Educative Author Form, we’ll contact you and can schedule a call.


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